BD Sensors RUS is a Russian company an expert in high-quality pressure and level transmitters used for a variety of purposes in fuel and energy industry, engineering and production, public utilities. 
The company was established in 2005. Through the years, the company grows into one of the leaders of the national pressure transmitters market. Largest corporations mining oil and gas, generating and distributing energy, servicing public utilities, making food, aircrafts, marine vessels, doing mechanical engineering signed contracts with BD Sensors RUS. We have dealers and partners in over 40 cities of Russia that ensure ceaseless supplies to all our customers. At the same time, we are expanding  into foreign markets gradualy.

Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology approved the 5-year calibration period for our products. This is an unconditional recognition of our advances in development and production of high-quality reliable measuring instruments.

The range of products by BD Sensors RUS includes pressure and level transmitters to measure pressures from 0.1 mbar to 6000 bar:
- General purpose absolute, gauge and differential pressure transmitters;
- General purpose submersible and set-in liquid level transmitters;
- Smart precision pressure and level transmitters;
- Multifunction indicator pressure switches;
- Digital programmable pressure switches.
Among our latest projects are low power pressure transmitters, transmitters for gas facilities, special versions for Russian Railroads, airplane factories, public utilities.

Special transmitters to measure pressure and level of aggressive, viscous and high-temperature media.
Accessories for transmitters (pressure snubbers, indicators, valve assemblies etc)
ISO 9001 certified production lines, qualified personnel and flexible approach allow us to deliver on almost any request our customers may have, from standard low cost solutions to custom designed special purpose transmitters. The optimal price to quality ratio combined with the widest range of products made BD Sensors RUS a reliable partner of both small firms and large industrial corporations.

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