Here, you can find accessories for your pressure transmitters. These are equipment and devices performing a variety functions, from configuration of smart pressure transmitters to protection from adverse effects produced by the media and environment. The range of accessories includes valve blocks, pressure snubbers, HART modems, configurators, pulse tubes.

    VS 100, VS 200, VS 300, VS 500 Valve units
    • Operating pressure up to 42 MPa
    • Operating temperature up to 500 °С
    • Material stainless steel 1.4541
    TTR1 ... TTR9 Pressure snubbers

    TTR1 ... TTR9

    Pressure snubbers
    • The maximum operating temperature and storage temperature 95 ˚C
    • The maximum pressure 70 MPa
    MH-02 (COM), HI 321 (USB) HART modems
      Configuring HART-Enabled Smart Pressure Transmitters
    ADAPT-100 Configurators


    • Operating temperature limits 10…+40 ˚С
    • Ingress protection rating IP40
    • Weight with batteries max 250 g
    ADAPT-1, ADAPT-3
    • Settings Configuration DMP 331i/333i, LMP 331i/308i
    • Pressure Switch Configuration DS 4/DS 6
    Pulse tubes: U-shaped, circular

    U-shaped, circular

    Pulse tubes
    • Operating pressure up to 25 МПа
    • Operating temperature up to 300 °С
    • Material carbon steel or stainless steel